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Considering purchasing an oriental rugs or Persian rugs? You’ve come to the right place! We feel that of the rug stores in St. Louis we offer an unparalleled selection. You can see the rugs in person and view them at home before deciding whether to purchase one. Whether you’re interested in a very contemporary rug, a traditional Persian rug, or a casual or transitional rug, we’re the place to find your rugs St. Louis! Oriental rugs come in every color imaginable. No longer are they all dark, formal, and masculine. Rugs can absolutely “make” a home. They truly are artwork. Our typical 8’x10’ requires several weavers 6-8 months of craftsmanship to produce. This craftsmanship is readily visible. Is you décor modern, French country, that of a lodge, or classic traditional? Perhaps you like contemporary rugs or transitional rugs? You’ll find your oriental rugs St. Louis at Ageless Rug Treasures! Our hours are Monday through Saturday from 10-5. Again, home trial is always a possibility.

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All of our rugs are hand-made and of the highest quality. See the amazing process.

Oriental rugs have a very long history. The oldest intact oriental rug has been carbon dated to 500 b.c. It was buried with a tribal chieftan in what is now Russia. The grave flooded with water and froze. Hence, we have the pazryk carpet today. Older hand-knotted and Persian rugs in fragments have been found. What does this say about the longevity of oriental rugs St. Louis? At the very least it tells us that oriental rugs are tough as iron and can easily survive just about anything a family can dish out and still become heirloom pieces. Most rug stores today feature area rugs of poor quality. We only stock rugs of exceptional quality. Why purchase a rug that is likely to shed incessantly, stain easily (due to poor, dry wool), mat down easily, and wear poorly? It may seem like a deal in price but will soon have to be replaced. After constantly replacing such rugs over the years one spends as much or more than one would choosing gorgeous, quality rugs St. Louis. I can’t tell you the number of customers who tell me they purchased rugs from Pottery Barn, a box store, or over the internet and “will never do so again”.

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How can you tell the quality of rugs St. Louis? One way is to make certain you are purchasing oriental rugs or Persian rugs. The definition of these rugs is that they are hand-knotted. Every tuft of wool in knotted in place. Conversely, machine made rugs simply have a tuft (of whatever the material is—they’re not always wool rugs) shot into a pre made grid. These tufts can pull out easily. So called hand-tufted rugs are held together by latex rubber (acting like glue) between the wool and canvas backing. Latex disintegrates with time and when it does so does your rug. Many rug stores thrive selling this kind of merchandise. If you’re only interested in a look at a price point (and the look is not a sophisticated one) and don’t care about a short life span and incessant shedding, then these rugs may be for you. A better choice is a fine oriental rug, densely knotted of a soft, springy wool. If a wool feels dry and scratchy you’ll want to stay away. Not all hand-knotted rugs are woven with an excellent wool. So, pay attention to the wool. The best rugs to purchase are oriental rugs St. Louis.

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